Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution

Driving global competitiveness and profitability

The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving. And IT is driving businesses to make that change. The goal is to fine-tune business processes, to the point where they are the most cost-effective possible.

Through IT consultancy we’re able to integrate product data to aftermarket solutions, suppliers, manufacturing and engineering to help you increase your product development efficiency in numerous ways. Providing real added value.

It’s a challenge we understand well, from working with our customers over many years. And we have the innovative, unique solutions to help. Our consultants use benchmark tools to find and integrate best practice into your systems.

So you can improve process efficiency across your supply chain or in your manufacturing execution system.

Experience and expertise

  • Long-term partner to leading global manufacturers in multiple sectors, including aerospace manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, and mining and metals manufacturing, as well as other sectors such as high-tech electronics/semiconductors, pharmacy, and food/beverage.
  • 30+ years of manufacturing experience and 1,300+ dedicated manufacturing professionals
  • Proven track record of delivering significant cost savings in operations, as well as innovative solutions focused on market responsiveness and business growth
  • Recognized industry expertise (our experts are frequent keynote speakers at major industry conferences and consult at the C-level)
  • Proactive in tracking trends through, for example, our comprehensive annual survey on manufacturing execution systems (MES), which involves suppliers and MES products from across the globe
  • Broad and diverse clientele, including Alstom, Bombardier, Rio Tinto Alcan, Michelin and Philips International