Achieving operational and service excellence

Leading utilities are focused on moving to more customer-centric business models and achieving operational excellence. Advancing technologies such as smart meters and grids, cloud computing, big data and social media create opportunities to launch new products and services and deliver better service. At the same time, technology is a key enabler for driving operational improvements that cut costs, generate competitive advantages, improve regulatory compliance, increase security, and drive the effective response to climate change and extreme weather.

CGI offers services and solutions across the utilities industry, including the electricity, downstream gas, and water and waste sectors. We have deep experience in both regulated and unregulated markets and have formed long-term client relationships with the world’s largest utilities. We partner with utilities to deliver innovative technologies that meet current and future requirements and help ensure long-term growth and success.

In Australia CGI is one of the leading IT services providers to the utilities industry, with solutions for electricity distributors, generators and retailers, gas and water companies and market operators. We are the only organisation in Australia with expertise in both IT and operational (SCADA) systems, which allows us deep industry insight into your business challenges.

Key solutions and services we offer in Australia include:

Experience and expertise

  • Major presence across North America, Europe and Australia, with 6,000+ dedicated utilities professionals
  • Partner to 11 of Australia’s 16 electricity distributors, 9 of its 14 water companies and 7 of its 8 gas companies
  • Partner to 8 of the 10 largest utilities in Europe and North America, working with more than 200 clients globally
  • Designed and built 11 of the 17 central energy market infrastructures in the world today, including the retail gas market systems for four Australian states and territories
  • Designed, built and managed the system that facilitated the first mandatory greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme in the world, in NSW Australia
  • Delivered asset, resource and workforce management systems for 60 of the top utilities in North America
  • Long-term outsourcing relationships with clients such as EDP (Portugal, Spain, Brazil and USA), Elexon (UK) and EDF (France)
  • Support for large, well-known smart grid projects such as InovGrid (Portugal) and Low Carbon London (UK)
  • Innovative Smart Data Services for smart metering deployed by a majority of electricity suppliers in the UK
  • Appointed as Data Services Provider for smart gas and electricity meter rollouts in the UK and in Victoria, Australia.
  • Development and delivery of CGI’s Renewables Management System that manages and controls more than 5,500 turbines at nearly 300 wind farms across 3 continents