In 2019, as presented in our CGI Client Global Insights, we spoke in person with more than 1,550 executives across 10 industries to gather their perspectives on the trends affecting their enterprises. CGI’s Insights to Action report presents the insights ...

4,300+ professionals dedicated to  the retail and consumer  services industry
5 of the world’s top luxury goods brands partner with us
800+ retail clients around the world

Actionable data to improve the customer experience and enhance competitiveness

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By collecting information from important data sources and linking them together, retail and consumer services companies can use the resulting insights to improve customer experience, create and personalize products and services, and become more competitive.

Rising expectations for a seamless customer experience

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Customer expectations for personal, real-time and seamless customer experience are potentially making existing customer engagement strategies more fragile. Yet, they are also creating opportunities to drive competitive differentiation and strengthen loyalty.

CGI developed software and solution methodologies

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Our full-service offerings for the retail and consumer services industries is underpinned by a large portfolio of CGI-developed solutions. These software applications, reusable frameworks and delivery methods represent years of investment in capturing our industry and technology expertise.