Today, smart leaders are seizing digital transformation as an opportunity to become customer-centric, agile and value-driven enterprises.

Digital transformation
transformational outsourcing


Digital transformation, if done successfully and as a joined-up strategy rather than ad hoc projects, can help you achieve profitable growth and operating efficiencies, ensuring competitiveness in this digital world.

Benefits include maximising the return on investment of your products and services to improve operational efficiencies and reduced costs. We can help you investigate how much value can be unlocked through the delivery of a digital strategy and support you on the right path to transform your business.


At CGI, we recognise that it is imperative to understand the value our solutions will bring.


Driving profitable growth and reducing costs are usually the two most compelling reasons behind requests for our digital strategy offering. An effective digital strategy can transform an organisation – driving growth from your existing products and services and helping to grow revenue from new investments.

Business value

You get a clear business case that spells out the value up front. You can see the revenue growth and/or cost efficiencies that you can expect from your investment.

Our offering identifies a range of business imperatives; opportunities that exist in your business to grow revenue, reduce costs and improve efficiency. We work with you to decide which ‘levers to pull’ first.

Integration of digital and physical channels 
We can help you engage customers using the most appropriate channels – whether that happens to be digital or physical – and get the right balance for your customers and your business.

Analytics across the enterprise
We can help you exploit the use of analytics to make timely decisions on the things that matter most.

Exploitation of platform-based services
We can develop ways to reduce your costs and improve operating efficiencies by providing pay as you consume services.